Literatuur over isopods - 72

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Porcellio Laevis From Soil Detritivore To Vegetable Crop Pest Case Study Of The Melon 2020
PDF – 4,0 MB 90 downloads
Porcellio Tinauti N Sp Oniscidea Porcellionidae Un Nouvel Isopode Terrestre De La Peninsule Iberique 2019
PDF – 506,8 KB 104 downloads
Sphaerillo Boninensis Nunomura 1990 Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea Is A Junior Synonym Of A Pantropical Species Venezillo Parvus Budde Lund 1885 2020
PDF – 442,0 KB 101 downloads
The Crustacean Armadillidium Vulgare Latreille 1804 Isopoda Oniscoidea A New Promising Model For The Study Of Cellular Senescence 2020
PDF – 591,0 KB 107 downloads
Taxonomical Study Of Terrestrial Isopods Crustacea In Some Regions Of Lattakia 2020
PDF – 937,3 KB 104 downloads
The Discovery Of Haplophthalmus Montivagus Verhoeff 1941 Isopoda Oniscidea At Treborth Botanic Garden North Wales 2020
PDF – 275,5 KB 113 downloads
The Effects Of Ground Cover Mowing Height On The Fauna Of Ground Dwelling Arthropods In Olive Grove 2020
PDF – 465,8 KB 113 downloads
The Genera Carpias Richardson Ianiropsis Sars And Janaira Moreira Pires Isopoda Asellota Janiridae From Australia With Description Of Three New Species 2010
PDF – 2,8 MB 103 downloads
The Gut Microbiota Structure Of The Terrestrial Isopod Porcellionides Pruinosus Isopoda Oniscidea 2020
PDF – 2,8 MB 80 downloads
The Terrestrial Isopoda Crustacea Oniscidea Of The Maldives 2014
PDF – 944,8 KB 102 downloads
The Occurrence Of Metatrichoniscoides Leydigii Weber 1880 Isopoda Oniscidea On The Ribble Estuary Lancashire 2020
PDF – 295,3 KB 85 downloads
Three New Species Of Abdominal Shrimp Parasites Crustacea Isopoda Bopyridae Hemiarthrinae From The Indo West Pacific
PDF – 2,1 MB 111 downloads
Thermal And Oxygen Conditions During Development Cause Common Rough Woodlice Porcellio Scaber To Alter The Size Of Their Gas Exchange Organs 2020
PDF – 1,5 MB 108 downloads
Three New Species Of Scyracepon Tattersall 1905 Isopoda Bopyridae From Pacific Islands With Comments On The Rarity Of Bopyrids Parasitizing Brachyurans 2020
PDF – 4,3 MB 112 downloads
Triassic Isopoda Three New Species From Central Europe Shed Light On The Early Diversity Of The Group 2020
PDF – 9,5 MB 100 downloads
A Comparison Of Genetic Variation In Two Endemic Thermal Spring Isopods Thermosphaeroma Thermophilum And T Milleri Crustacea Isopod Sphaeromatidae 2019
PDF – 241,3 KB 103 downloads
Adult Life Strategy Affects Distribution Patterns In Abyssal Isopods Implications For Conservation In Pacific Nodule Areas 2019
PDF – 4,1 MB 98 downloads
A Systematic List Of Isopod Fauna Hitherto Known From India 2019
PDF – 134,5 KB 112 downloads
Consumption Performance Of Five Detritivore Species A O P Scaber Feeding On Alnus Glutinosa L Leaf Litter In A Microcosm Experiment 2019
PDF – 333,9 KB 86 downloads
Decomposition Of Forest Litter And Feces Of Armadillidium Vulgare Produced From The Same Litter Affected By Temperature And Litter Quality 2019
PDF – 1,8 MB 92 downloads
Effects Of River Hydrology And Physicochemistry On Anchovy Abundance And Cymothoid Isopod Parasitism 2019
PDF – 564,5 KB 101 downloads
Effects Of River Hydrology And Physicochemistry On Anchovy Abundance And Cymothoid Isopod Parasitism 2019
PDF – 564,5 KB 85 downloads
Evaluation Of Cotyledons In A Number Of Terrestrial Isopods Crustaceae Isopoda In Iran 2019
PDF – 1,2 MB 91 downloads
Exceptionally Preserved Cryptoniscium Larvae Morphological Details Of Rare Isopod Crustaceans From French Cretaceous Vendean Amber 2019
PDF – 12,2 MB 77 downloads