Literatuur over isopods - 69

Wetenschappelijke artikelen over isopods - voornamelijk pdf-bestanden

The Genomics Of Phenotypically Differentiated Asellus Aquaticus Cave Surface Stream And Lake Ecotypes 2021
PDF – 1,6 MB 153 downloads
The Oldest Peracarid Crustacean Reveals A Late Devonian Freshwater Colonisation By Isopod Relatives 2021
PDF – 866,4 KB 160 downloads
The Monophyly And The Classification Of The Terrestrial Isopods Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2021
PDF – 757,7 KB 144 downloads
A New Species And Depth Record Of Bopyrid Crustacea Isopoda From A Squat Lobster In The Kuril Kamchatka Trench 2020
PDF – 4,3 MB 149 downloads
A Comprehensive Evaluation Of Utilization Potential Of Semiterrestrial Isopods Ligia Exotica In China A New Aquatic Feed 2020
PDF – 854,4 KB 155 downloads
A New Species Of Bathynomus A Milne Edwards 1879 Malacostraca Peracarida Isopoda Cirolanidae From The Upper Miocene Of The Guadalquivir Basin Spain 2020
PDF – 5,5 MB 153 downloads
A New Species Of Renocila Miers 1880 Crustacea Isopoda Cymothoidae A Fish Parasitic Isopod From Andaman Island India 2020
Afbeelding – 3,1 MB 102 downloads
Adult Life Strategy Affects Distribution Patterns In Abyssal Isopods Implications For Conservation In Pacific Nodule Areas 2020
PDF – 7,8 MB 147 downloads
Descripcion De Una Nueva Especie De Isopodo Terrestre Porcellio Veraensis N Sp De La Provincia De Caceres Espana Description Of A New Species Of Terrestrial Isopod Porcellio Veraensis N Sp From The Province Of Caceres 2020
PDF – 200,3 KB 152 downloads
Crustacea Isopoda Anomura Brachyura From The Cretaceous Of Soh Area NW Isfahan Central Iran 2020
PDF – 8,3 MB 138 downloads
Descripcion De Una Nueva Especie De Trichoniscoides Sars 1899 De Navarra Norte De Espana T Govillari N Sp Crustacea Isopoda Trichoniscidae 2020
PDF – 715,3 KB 153 downloads
Description Dune Nouvelle Espece De La Peninsule Iberique Trichoniscoides Viejoi N Sp Crustacea Isopoda Trichoniscidae 2020
PDF – 579,3 KB 145 downloads
Distribution Identification And Range Expansion Of The Common Asellidae In Northern Europe Featuring The First Record Of Proasellus Meridianus In The Nordic Countries 2020
PDF – 8,9 MB 157 downloads
Distribucion De Los Isopodos Crustacea Peracarida Isopoda Del Parque Nacional Arrecife Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo Mexico Con Dos Nuevos Registros Para El Mar Caribe 2020
PDF – 687,6 KB 122 downloads
Erratum To Ecology And Distribution Of The Isopod Genus Idotea In The Baltic Sea Key Species In A Changing Environment 2020
PDF – 273,4 KB 150 downloads
Evolutionary Transition To XY Sex Chromosomes Associated With Y Linked Duplication Of A Male Hormone Gene In A Terrestrial Isopod 2020
PDF – 588,8 KB 160 downloads
Extension Of Host Range For Anilocra Dimidiata Nerocila Sigani And First Record Of Nerocila Depressa Isopod Cymothiod From Odisha Coast India 2020
PDF – 213,9 KB 165 downloads
First Occurrences Of Nerocila Bivittata On Dusky Grouper Ephinephelus Marginatus And Mottled Grouper Mycteroperca Rubra 2020
PDF – 735,4 KB 156 downloads
First Record Of Norileca Indica H Milne Edwards 1840 Crustacea Isopoda Cymothoidae In Rastrelliger Kanagurta From Goa India 2020
PDF – 131,0 KB 156 downloads
First Record Of The Genus Graeconiscus Strouhal 1940 Isopoda Oniscidea Trichoniscidae In The Iberian Peninsula With The Description Of A New Troglobitic Species 2020
PDF – 2,8 MB 132 downloads
Further Observations Of Philoscia Affinis Verhoeff 1908 Isopoda Oniscidea Philosciidae In Britain And Ireland Distribution Habitat And Identification 2020
PDF – 1,5 MB 151 downloads
Freshwater Isopods Crustacea Isopoda Asellidae Inhabiting Upland Vernal Pools In Maryland 2020
PDF – 446,9 KB 126 downloads
Gonadal Histology Of Erichsonella Attenuata Isopoda Valvifera Idoteidae 2020
PDF – 2,6 MB 147 downloads
Invertebrates Of Dobsina Ice Cave And Stratena Cave System Slovak Paradise Slovakia 2020
PDF – 663,9 KB 142 downloads
Invertebrados Exoticos Nuevos O Poco Conocidos Tricladida Gastropoda Diplopoda Symphyla Isopoda Arachnida En La Ciudad De Buenos Aires Argentina 2020
PDF – 871,1 KB 149 downloads