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A Hot Spot Of Native Terrestrial Isopods In An Urban Area In The Carpathians Herculane Spa An Emergence Of The Past Into The Present 2019
PDF – 1,7 MB 189 downloads
A New Species Of Crinoniscus Perez 1900 Parasitising The Pedunculate Barnacle Heteralepas Newmani With Notes On Its Ecology And A Review Of The Genus 2020
PDF – 2,4 MB 186 downloads
A Sampling Optimization Analysis Of Soil Bugs Diversity Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2015
PDF – 2,1 MB 176 downloads
Abundance And Distributional Patterns Of Benthic Peracarid Crustaceans From The Atlantic Sector Of The Southern Ocean And Weddell Sea 2020
PDF – 3,6 MB 163 downloads
An Evolutionary Timescale For Terrestrial Isopods And A Lack Of Molecular Support For The Monophyly Of Oniscidea Crustacea Isopoda 2017
PDF – 553,9 KB 187 downloads
An Overview Of The Marine Isopoda Crustacea Of Singapore 2015
PDF – 1,1 MB 182 downloads
Are Terrestrial Isopods Able To Use Stridulation And Vibrational Communication As Forms Of Intra And Interspecific Signaling And Defense Strategies As Insects Do A Preliminary Study In Armadillo Officinalis 2020
PDF – 2,5 MB 179 downloads
Asseln Isopoda
PDF – 1,9 MB 148 downloads
Asseln Informationen Zur Biologie Haltung And Schulbiologischen Verwendung Einheimischen Landasseln 2017
PDF – 3,9 MB 157 downloads
Asseln Nutzliche Kleinkrebse Info Schadler
PDF – 4,4 MB 143 downloads
Bathynomus Lowryi Sp Nov Crustacea Isopoda Cirolanidae The First Record Of The Giant Marine Isopod Genus From Thailand Waters 2004
PDF – 3,7 MB 176 downloads
British Isopoda Of The Families Aegidae Cirolanidae Idoteidae And Arcturidae 1904
PDF – 851,2 KB 173 downloads
Brede Brakwaterpissebed Marine Species Introduced Traits Wiki
PDF – 520,2 KB 129 downloads
Building On 150 Years Of Knowledge The Freshwater Isopod Asellus Aquaticus As An Integrative Eco Evolutionary Model System 2021
PDF – 4,9 MB 167 downloads
Catoessa Boscii Crustacea Isopoda Cymothoidae Parasitic On Carangoides Malabaricus Pisces Carangidae From India Taxonomy And Host Parasite Relationships 2012
PDF – 1,0 MB 173 downloads
Characteristics Of The Population Of An Isopoda Species Trachelipus Nodulosus At Sandy Soil Grassland 1984
PDF – 1,7 MB 185 downloads
Colorado Arachnid Of Interest Dysdera Crocata
PDF – 382,9 KB 191 downloads
Colorado Crustacean Of Interest Pillbug Roly Poly
PDF – 324,1 KB 170 downloads
Contribution A Linventaire Des Crustaces Isopodes Terrestres Cloportes De Vendee 2004
PDF – 1,7 MB 143 downloads
Contributions To The Crustacean Fauna Of South Africa 1 Additions To The Marine Isopoda 1914
PDF – 13,9 MB 185 downloads
Contributions To The Crustacean Fauna Of South Africa 7 Description Of A New Species Of Phreatoicus Isopoda From South Africa 1914
PDF – 4,2 MB 165 downloads
Crustacea Isopoda Terrestria Per Familias Et Genera Et Species 1885
PDF – 20,7 MB 165 downloads
Crustaces Isopodes Terrestres Du Nord Ouest De La France 2007
PDF – 21,9 MB 181 downloads
Cymothoidae Crustacea Isopoda From Indian Fishes 2011
PDF – 2,0 MB 158 downloads
Degradation Of Leaf Litter Phenolics By Aquatic And Terrestrial Isopods 2005
PDF – 506,2 KB 182 downloads