Literatuur over isopods - 67

Wetenschappelijke artikelen over isopods - voornamelijk pdf-bestanden

A Doubled Down Invasion Of The Northeast Pacific By The Asian Mud Shrimp Upogebia Major And Its Coevolved Bopyrid Isopod Parasite Orthione Griffenis 2021
PDF – 3,4 MB 212 downloads
A New Species Of Porcellio Latreille 1804 Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea From Spain And The First Report Of Woodlice From The Extremadura Region 2021
PDF – 1,3 MB 222 downloads
A Review Of The Parasitic Isopod Genus Epicepon Parasites Of Cyclodorippoid Crabs With Description Of A New Species From New Caledonia 2021
PDF – 3,1 MB 197 downloads
Addition Of Four Woodlice Species Crustacea Isopoda To The Checklist Of Iranian Oniscidea
PDF – 4,1 MB 222 downloads
An Annotated Checklist And Bibliography Of Deep Water Isopods And Decapod Crustaceans From Chile Including The Submarine Ridge Salas Y Gomez And Nazca Plates 2021
PDF – 430,2 KB 205 downloads
Biological And Ecological Traits Of Bathynomus Giganteus And Bathynomus Miyarei Crustacea Isopoda Contribution To The Conservation Of Deep Sea In Southern Brazil 2021
PDF – 1,1 MB 214 downloads
Bureschiana 12 12 2007 High Altitude Isopods Arachnids And Myriapods In The Old World 2020
PDF – 4,2 MB 194 downloads
Caucasonethes Vandeli Pygmaeus N Spp From Movile Cave Southern Dobrogea Romania 2021
PDF – 797,6 KB 218 downloads
Cymothoa Frontalis A Cymothoid Isopod Parasitizing The Belonid Fish Strongylura Strongylura From The Malabar Coast Kerala India Redescription Description Prevalence And Life Cycle 2005
PDF – 1,6 MB 220 downloads
Checklist Of Isopoda Oniscidea Crustacea Of Bulgaria 2020
PDF – 996,4 KB 218 downloads
Confirmation Of The Presence Of Philoscia Muscorum Scopoli 1763 Isopoda Oniscidea Philosciidae In The Iberian Peninsula 2021
PDF – 913,2 KB 216 downloads
Descripcion De Dos Nuevas Especies Cavernicolas De Trichoniscinae Verhoeff 1908 De La Cordillera Cantabrica Crustacea Isopoda Trichoniscidae 2021
PDF – 2,6 MB 211 downloads
Distribution Of Alien Species Of Woodlice Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea In The Russian Far East 2021
PDF – 659,6 KB 213 downloads
Effect Of Isopoda On The Health Status Of Gilthead Seabream Sparus Aurata 2021
PDF – 1,8 MB 199 downloads
Effect Of Vermicompost And Isopod Porcellio Laevis Fertilizers On The Emergence And Seedling Quality Of Lettuce Lactuca Sativa Var Capitata Cv Wismar 2020
PDF – 719,1 KB 199 downloads
Elthusa Arnoglossi Sp Nov Crustace Isopoda Cymothoidae A Branchial Parasite Of Flatfishes Bothidae From The Chesterfield Islands New Caledonia 2006
PDF – 264,2 KB 204 downloads
El Genero Cristarmadillidium Arcangeli 1935 En La Peninsula Iberica Y Descripcion De Una Nueva Especie C Alticola N Sp De Sierra Nevada Oniscidea Armadillidiidae 2021
PDF – 694,3 KB 223 downloads
Energy Assessment Of Phytodestruction Activity Of Earthworms And Woodlice 2021
PDF – 360,8 KB 148 downloads
Evolution Des Peuplements D Isopodes Terrestres De Lile D Aix Charente Maritime 2021
PDF – 3,0 MB 199 downloads
First Report Of Livoneca Guianensis Isopoda Cymothoidae In Leporinus Fasciatus Pisces Anostomidae In Brazil 2020
PDF – 1,9 MB 196 downloads
Feeding Behaviour Of The Terrestrial Isopod Porcellionides Pruinosus Brandt 1833 Crustacea Isopoda In Response To Changes In Food Quality And Contamination 2000
PDF – 366,8 KB 207 downloads
First Record Of Rocinela Aff Australis Isopoda Aegidae In The Patagonian Toothfish Dissostichus Eleginoides Pisces Nothotenidae From Southern Chile 2021
PDF – 514,1 KB 184 downloads
Forty Year Natural History Study Of Bahalana Geracei An Anchialine Cave Dwelling Isopod From San Salvador Island Bahamas Reproduction Growth Longevity And Population Structure 2021
PDF – 6,9 MB 223 downloads
Host Selectivity Of Nerocila Orbignyi Guerin Meneville 1832 Isopoda Cymothoidae With A Record Of A New Host From The Sea Of Marmara Turkey 2021
PDF – 4,7 MB 206 downloads
Guide To The Marine Isopod Crustaceans Of The Caribbean And Brian Kensley And Marilyn Schotte 1989
PDF – 15,3 MB 207 downloads