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A Reverse Taxonomic Approach To Assess Macrofaunal Distribution Patterns In Abyssal Pacific Polymetallic Nodule Fields 2015
PDF – 1,7 MB 221 downloads
A Sampling Optimization Analysis Of Soil Bugs Diversity Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2016
PDF – 2,1 MB 238 downloads
Amphibious Shelter Builder Oniscidea Species From The New World With Description Of A New Subfamily A New Genus And A New Species From Brazilian Cave Isopoda Synocheta Styloniscidae 2014
PDF – 5,9 MB 240 downloads
Assemblages Of Terrestrial Isopods Isopoda Oniscidea In A Fragmented Forest Landscape In Central Europe 2012
PDF – 1,0 MB 234 downloads
Biogeography Of Wood Boring Crustaceans Isopoda Limnoriidae Established In European Coastal Waters 2014
PDF – 503,7 KB 224 downloads
Ceratothoa Oestroides Infection In European Sea Bass Revealing A Long Misunderstood Relationship 2021
PDF – 10,7 MB 211 downloads
Cirolana Songkhla A New Species Of Brackish Water Cirolanid Isopod Crustacea Isopoda Cirolanidae From The Lower Gulf Of Thailand 2014
PDF – 1,3 MB 227 downloads
Climate Change Effects On Macrofaunal Litter Decomposition The Interplay Of Temperature Body Masses And Stoichiometry 2012
PDF – 428,7 KB 244 downloads
Comparative Ultrastructure Of Cells And Cuticle In The Anterior Chamber And Papillate Region Of Porcellioscaber Crustacea Isopoda Hindgut 2018
PDF – 8,1 MB 245 downloads
Contrasting Gene Flow At Different Spatial Scales Revealed By Genotyping By Sequencing In Isocladus Armatus A Massively Colour Polymorphic New Zealand Marine Isopod 2018
PDF – 14,7 MB 234 downloads
Description Of A New Species Of The Genus Protracheoniscus Verhoeff 1917 And Redescription Of Protracheoniscuskryszanovskii Borutzky 1957 From The Southeast Of European Russia Isopoda Oniscidea Agnaridae 2018
PDF – 2,2 MB 219 downloads
Descriptions Of Two New Species In The Genus Macrostylis Sars 1864 Isopoda Asellota Macrostylidae From The Weddell Sea Southern Ocean With A Synonymisation Of The Genus Desmostylis Brandt 1992 With Macrostylis 2010
PDF – 3,3 MB 239 downloads
Disentangling Community Functional Components In A Litter Macrodetritivore Model System Reveals The Predominance Of The Mass Ratio Hypothesis 2014
PDF – 598,5 KB 229 downloads
Distribution And Inferred Evolutionary Characteristics Of A Chimeric Ss DNA Virus Associated With Intertidal Marine Isopods 2017
PDF – 1,6 MB 208 downloads
Distribution Of Isopod Parasites In Commercially Important Marine Fishes Of The Miri Coast East Malaysia 2017
PDF – 1,0 MB 244 downloads
Diversity Of Tanaidacea Crustacea Peracarida In The Worlds Oceans How Far Have We Come 2012
PDF – 573,5 KB 196 downloads
Draft Genome Sequence Of Candidatus Hepatoplasma Crinochetorum Ps A Bacterial Symbiont In The Hepatopancreas Of The Terrestrial Isopod Porcellio Scaber 2015
PDF – 160,7 KB 247 downloads
Evidence For Permo Triassic Colonization Of The Deep Sea By Isopods 2012
PDF – 438,1 KB 234 downloads
Evolutionary Significance Of Wolbachia To Animal Horizontal Gene Transfer Female Sex Determination And The F Element In The Isopod Armadillidium Vulgare 2017
PDF – 1,4 MB 256 downloads
First Record Of Parasitism By Probopyrus Pandalicola Isopoda Bopyridae On The Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium Acanthurus Decapoda Palaemonidae And Ecological Interactions 2021
PDF – 466,4 KB 237 downloads
First Record On The Occurrence Of Ryukyua Circularis Pillai 1954 A Parasitic Cymothoid Crustacean Isopoda Infesting The Clupeid Fish Amblygaster Sirm Walbaum From Andaman Islands India 2017
PDF – 530,5 KB 231 downloads
Gnathia Bermudensis Crustacea Isopoda Gnathiidae A New Species From The Mesophotic Reefs Of Bermuda With A Key To Gnathia From The Greater Caribbean Biogeographic Region 2019
PDF – 3,6 MB 249 downloads
High Diversity And Local Endemism In Aotearoa New Zealands Groundwater Crustacean Fauna 2021
PDF – 1,3 MB 222 downloads
High Prevalence And Infestation Of Mothocya Renardi Isopoda Cymothoidae In Marine Fish Strongylura Leiura Bleeker 1850 2016
PDF – 733,5 KB 222 downloads
History Of Discovery Of Parasitic Crustacea 2019
PDF – 1,8 MB 239 downloads