Literatuur over isopods - 81

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Histopathological Alterations And Condition Factor Deterioration Accompanied By Isopod Infestation In Tilapia Zilli Mugil Capito And Solea Aegyptiaca From Lake Qaroun 2018
PDF – 2,8 MB 138 downloads
Incongruence Between Morphological And Molecular Diversity In Coxicerberus Fukudai Ito 1974 From East Asia 2018
PDF – 1,1 MB 135 downloads
Infestation Study Of Livoneca Redmanii Isopoda Cymothoidae On Mugil Cephalus In Lake Qarun Egypt 2018
PDF – 641,7 KB 140 downloads
Invasion Stages And Potential Distributions Of Seven Exotic Terrestrial Isopods In Japan 2018
PDF – 7,1 MB 149 downloads
Isopod Faecal Pellets As Archaeological And Forensic Time Capsules 2022
PDF – 15,0 MB 148 downloads
Livoneca Redmanii A Parasitic Isopod Infesting The Gills Of The European Seabass Morphological And Molecular Characterization Study 2022
PDF – 5,6 MB 138 downloads
Les Someretes Crustacis Isopodes Terrestres De La Vall De Soller Mallorca Aproximacio A Una Biodiversitat Menystinguda 2018
PDF – 1,1 MB 154 downloads
Males Prefer Virgin Females Even If Parasitized In The Terrestrial Isopod Armadillidium Vulgare 2018
PDF – 933,0 KB 136 downloads
Macrofauna Isopoda Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas 2018
PDF – 2,4 MB 150 downloads
Microsporidian Diversity In The Aquatic Isopod Asellus Aquaticus 2022
PDF – 685,4 KB 151 downloads
More Diverse Than Expected Distributional Patterns Of Oecidiobranchus Hessler 1970 On The Greenland Iceland Faeroe Ridge Based On Molecular Markers 2018
PDF – 5,7 MB 137 downloads
Mycorrhizal Fungi And Invertebrates Impacts On Tuber Melanosporum Ascospore Dispersal And Lifecycle By Isopod Mycophagy 2022
PDF – 975,6 KB 141 downloads
Neastacilla Californica Isopoda Arcturidae On Baja California Mexico 1 Lat 2018
PDF – 745,2 KB 130 downloads
Nerocila Sp Isopoda Cymothoidae Parasitizing Mugil Liza Teleostei Mugilidae In Sao Francisco Do Sul Santa Catarina Brazil 2018
PDF – 1,3 MB 104 downloads
Philoscia Affinis Verhoeff 1908 New To The UK Isopoda Philosciidae 2018
PDF – 450,4 KB 133 downloads
New Records Of Trachelipus Vespertilio Budde Lund 1896 Isopoda Oniscidea With A Description Of The Male 2022
PDF – 1,6 MB 146 downloads
Rediscovery Of The Endogean Terrestrial Isopod Paraschizidium Hispanum In The Iberian Peninsula 2022
PDF – 340,9 KB 146 downloads
Renocila Richardsonae A Parasite Of Japanese Goatfish Upeneus Japonicus Off Sarawak South China Sea 2022
PDF – 2,0 MB 137 downloads
Report Of Nerocila Bivittata Parasitic On Alien Fish Pterois Miles Bennett 1828 From The Aegean And Mediterranean Sea 2022
PDF – 750,2 KB 138 downloads
Reproduction In The Freshwater Crustacean Asellus Aquaticus Along A Gradient Of Radionuclide Contamination At Chernobyl 2018
PDF – 611,4 KB 150 downloads
Resistance Of Groundwater Invertebrates To Droughts Two New Cases In Planarians And Isopods 2022
PDF – 516,7 KB 154 downloads
Sex Dependent Increase Of Movement Activity In The Freshwater Isopod Asellus Aquaticus Following Adaptation To A Predator Free Cave Habitat 2022
PDF – 877,4 KB 130 downloads
Styloniscus Mauritiensis An Overlooked Woodlouse Of Tropical Glasshouses New For England And Wales Isopoda Oniscidea Styloniscidae 2018
PDF – 508,1 KB 136 downloads
Terrestrial Isopods Of The Subgenus Hemilepistus Hemilepistus From Iran 2010
PDF – 756,3 KB 153 downloads
The Eurycope Producta At The Transition Of The Northern North Atlantic And The Nordic Seas Including Descriptions Of Six New Species And A Key 2022
PDF – 32,5 MB 107 downloads