Literatuur over isopods - 40

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Long Read Sequencing Reveals Atypical Mitochondrial Genome Structure In A New Zealand Marine Isopod 2021
PDF – 690,5 KB 185 downloads
Mitochondrial Architecture Rearrangements Produce Asymmetrical Nonadaptive Mutational Pressures That Subvert The Phylogenetic Reconstruction In Isopoda 2019
PDF – 580,7 KB 187 downloads
Morphological Traits Desiccation Resistance Habitat Characteristics A Possible Key For Distribution In Woodlice Isopoda Oniscidea 2018
PDF – 2,9 MB 174 downloads
Occurrence Of Isopods In Two Species Of Snappers Lutjanidae From Northeast Brazil 2019
PDF – 2,3 MB 169 downloads
Parasites In The Fossil Record A Cretaceous Fauna With Isopod Infested Decapod Crustaceans Infestation Patterns Through Time And A New Ichnotaxon 2014
PDF – 4,4 MB 179 downloads
Prevalence Of Cymothoid Isopods Crustacea Isopoda And Proximate Analysis Of Parasites And Their Host Fishes Southeastern India 2018
PDF – 3,5 MB 175 downloads
Prolonged Feeding Of Terrestrial Isopod Porcellio Scaber Isopoda Crustacea On Ti O 2 Nanoparicles Absence Of Toxic Effect 2012
PDF – 2,1 MB 194 downloads
Seasonal Variation Of The Prevalence Of Cymothoid Isopod Norileca Indica Crustacea Isopoda Parasitizing On The Host Fish Rastrelliger Kanagurta Collected From The Southwest Coast Of India 2020
PDF – 576,3 KB 176 downloads
Shallow Water Northern Hemisphere Jaera Crustacea Isopoda Janiridae Found On Whale Bones In The Southern Ocean Deep Sea Ecology And Description Of Jaera Tyleri Sp Nov 2014
PDF – 13,8 MB 172 downloads
Shedding Light On The Antimicrobial Peptide Arsenal Of Terrestrial Isopods Focus On Armadillidins A New Crustacean AMP Family 2020
PDF – 3,4 MB 200 downloads
Single And Joint Effects Of Zn And Cd On Porcellio Scaber Crustacea Isopoda Exposed To Artificially Contaminated Food 2009
PDF – 267,4 KB 178 downloads
Soil Invertebrates Generate Microplastics From Polystyrene Foam Debris 2022
PDF – 23,0 MB 172 downloads
The Complete Mitochondrial Genome Of Cymothoa Indica Has A Highly Rearranged Gene Order And Clusters At The Very Base Of The Isopoda Clade 2018
PDF – 4,6 MB 206 downloads
The Complete Mitochondrial Genome Of The Common Sea Slater Ligia Oceanica Crustacea Isopoda Bears A Novel Gene Order And Unusual Control Region Features 2006
PDF – 842,1 KB 177 downloads
The Effect Of Soil Pollution With Petroleum Derived Substances On Porcellio Scaber Latr Crustacea Isopoda 2018
PDF – 714,9 KB 186 downloads
The First Complete Mitogenome Of The South China Deep Sea Giant Isopod Bathynomus Sp Allows Insights Into The Early Mitogenomic Evolution Of Isopods 2017
PDF – 1,2 MB 197 downloads
Tinggianthura Alba A New Genus And Species Of Anthuridae Isopoda Cymothoida Anthuroidea From Pulau Tinggi Johor Malaysia With An Updated Key To The Genera Of Anthuridae 2014
PDF – 2,7 MB 200 downloads
The Role Of Urban Forest Patches In Maintaining Isopod Diversity Oniscidea 2018
PDF – 639,2 KB 192 downloads
Tinggianthura Alba A New Genus And Species Of Anthuridae Isopoda Cymothoida Anthuroidea From Pulau Tinggi Johor Malaysia With An Updated Key To The Genera Of Anthuridae 2014
PDF – 2,7 MB 167 downloads
Triple Barcoding For A Hyperparasite Its Parasitic Host And The Host Itself A Study Of Cyclocotyla Bellones Monogenea On Ceratothoa Parallela Isopoda On Boops Boops Teleostei 2021
PDF – 946,7 KB 186 downloads
Distribution Of Isopod Parasites In Carangid Fishes From Parangipettai Southeast Coast Of India 2016
PDF – 1,2 MB 184 downloads
First Occurrence Of Argathona Macronema Bleeker 1857 Isopoda Cirolanidae On Coral Reef Fishes Along The Tuticorin Coastal Water Gulf Of Mannar 2017
PDF – 929,9 KB 182 downloads
First Record Of Gnathia Sp An Ectoparasitic Isopod Isolated From The Coral Reef Fish Heniochus Acuminatus Collected From The Gulf Of Mannar Region Southeast Coast Of India 2017
PDF – 907,3 KB 190 downloads
Host Parasite Interaction Between Parasitic Cymothoid Ceratothoa Oestroides And Its Host Farmed European Sea Bass Dicentrarchus Labrax 2020
PDF – 4,9 MB 205 downloads
Life Cycle And Life History Strategies Of Parasitic Crustacea 2019
PDF – 1,9 MB 183 downloads