Literatuur over isopods - 49

Wetenschappelijke artikelen over isopods - voornamelijk pdf-bestanden

A New Species Of Paradella Harrison Holdich 1982 Crustacea Isopoda Sphaeromatidae From Baja California Mexico With A Key To East Pacific Species 2007
PDF – 756,2 KB 196 downloads
A Review Of Taxonomic Concepts In The Nannoniscidae Isopoda Asellota With A Key To The Genera And A Description Of Nannoniscus Oblongus Sars 2008
PDF – 329,2 KB 227 downloads
New Macrostylidae Hansen 1916 Crustacea Isopoda From The Gay Head Bermuda Transect With Special Consideration Of Sexual Dimorphism 2012
PDF – 3,6 MB 210 downloads
Review Of The Family Janiridae Crustacea Isopoda Asellota 1994
PDF – 4,8 MB 208 downloads
Revision Of Austrosignum Hodgson And Munnogonium George Stromberg Paramunnidae With Descriptions Of Eight New Genera And Two New Species Crustacea Isopoda Asellota 2007
PDF – 489,6 KB 200 downloads
Revision Of The Genus Bathybadistes Isopoda Asellota Munnopsidae With Descriptions Of Two New Species From The Southern Hemisphere 2009
PDF – 1,6 MB 208 downloads
Revision Of The Genus Haplomesus Isopoda Asellota Ischnomesidae With Erection Of Four New Genera 2007
PDF – 1.013,0 KB 202 downloads
Revision Of The Maghrebian Species Of The Genus Porcellio Latreille 1804 VII A New Species Of Porcellio From Tunisia Porcellio Dominici N Sp Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2006
PDF – 466,9 KB 206 downloads
Taxonomy And Distribution Of The Genus Eurydice Leach 1815 Crustacea Isopoda Cirolanidae From The Arabian Region Including Three New Species 2012
PDF – 1,9 MB 215 downloads
Stability And Uptake Of Methylphenidate And Ritalinic Acid In Nine Spine Stickleback Pungitius Pungitius And Water Louse Asellus Aquaticus 2019
PDF – 595,4 KB 187 downloads
The Embryonic Development Of The Malacostracan Crustacean Porcellio Scaber Isopoda Oniscidea 2009
PDF – 1,4 MB 187 downloads
The Genera Carpias Ianiropsis And Janaira Isopoda Asellota Janiridae From Australia With Description Of Three New Species 2010
PDF – 2,8 MB 198 downloads
The Isopod Asellus Aquaticus A Novel Arthropod Model Organism To Study Evolution Of Segment Identity And Patterning 2010
PDF – 3,1 MB 195 downloads
The North Atlantic Genus Heteromesus Crustacea Isopoda Asellota Ischnomesidae 2006
PDF – 1,5 MB 201 downloads
The Spread Of Parasitic Sex Factors In Populations Of Armadillidium Vulgare Latr Crustacea Oniscidea Effects On Sex Ratio
PDF – 1,4 MB 209 downloads
The Systematic Position Of The Ilyarachnoid Eurycopidae Crustacea Isopoda Asellota 1985
PDF – 14,2 MB 212 downloads
The Terrestrial Isopod Genus Porcellio In Western Asia 1992
PDF – 3,1 MB 225 downloads
The Terrestrial Isopod Microbiome An All In One Toolbox For Animal Microbe Interactions Of Ecological Relevance 2016
PDF – 1,2 MB 220 downloads
Understanding Growth Relationships Of African Cymothoid Fish Parasitic Isopods Using Specimens From Museum And Field Collections 2019
PDF – 1,1 MB 220 downloads
Woodlice Assemblages Of Planted And Native Forests In Central Italy 2011
PDF – 124,5 KB 188 downloads
A New Record Of Paracerceis Sculpta Holmes 1904 Sphaeromatidae Isopoda From Pakistan Northern Arabian Sea 2001
PDF – 5,3 MB 212 downloads
Biogeographis Relationships Of Galapagos Marine Isopod Crustaceans 1987
PDF – 1,3 MB 210 downloads
Evolution And Development In Cave Animals From Fish To Crustaceans 2013
PDF – 5,7 MB 199 downloads
New Records Of Fish Parasitic Isopods Cymothoidae In The Eastern Pacific Galapagos And Costa Rica 2022
PDF – 585,0 KB 181 downloads
Isopod Crustacea Exclusive Of Epicaridea 1983
PDF – 5,7 MB 214 downloads