Literatuur over isopods - 37

Wetenschappelijke artikelen over isopods - voornamelijk pdf-bestanden

Redescription Of Dynoides Elegans Boone 1923 Crustacea Isopoda Sphaeromatidae From The North Eastern Pacific 2017
PDF – 2,9 MB 214 downloads
Redescription Of Gnorimosphaeroma Oregonense Dana 1853 Crustacea Isopoda Sphaeromatidae Designation Of Neotype And 16 S R DNA Molecular Phylogeny Of The North Eastern Pacific Species 2021
PDF – 8,7 MB 225 downloads
Redescription Of Poorly Known Species Of Ceratothoa Dana 1852 Crustacea Isopoda Cymothoidae Based On Original Type Material 2016
PDF – 4,9 MB 228 downloads
Redescription Of Tylos Maindroni Giordani Soika 1954 Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea Based On SEM And Molecular Data 2022
PDF – 4,5 MB 197 downloads
Reference Values For Feeding Parameters Of Isopods Porcellio Scaber Isopoda Crustacea 2014
PDF – 363,2 KB 228 downloads
Review Of The Fish Parasitic Genus Ceratothoa Dana 1852 Crustacea Isopoda Cymothoidae From South Africa Including The Description Of Two New Species 2014
PDF – 4,0 MB 220 downloads
Review Of The Fish Parasitic Genus Elthusa Schioedte Meinert 1884 Crustacea Isopoda Cymothoidae From South Africa Including The Description Of Three New Species 2019
PDF – 3,5 MB 247 downloads
Size Dependent Differences In Litter Consumption Of Isopods Preliminary Results 2012
PDF – 1,2 MB 219 downloads
Species Compositions Of Terrestrial Isopods In Public Parks Of A Commuter Town In Japan 2018
PDF – 1,6 MB 218 downloads
Spectroscopic Parameters Of The Cuticle And Ethanol Extracts Of The Fluorescent Cave Isopod Mesoniscus Graniger Isopoda Oniscidea 2015
PDF – 1,5 MB 229 downloads
Sphaerillo Boninensis Nunomura 1990 Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea Is A Junior Synonym Of A Pantropical Species Venezillo Parvus Budde Lund 1885 2020
PDF – 442,0 KB 237 downloads
Status Of Exosphaeroma Amplicauda Stimpson 1857 E Aphrodita Boone 1923 And Description Of Three New Species Crustacea Isopoda Sphaeromatidae From The North Eastern Pacific 2015
PDF – 4,2 MB 227 downloads
Stenosoma Stephenseni Sp N Isopoda Idoteidae From The Southwestern Mediterranean With A Note On The Nomenclatural Status Of Synisoma Collinge 1917 2011
PDF – 1,3 MB 208 downloads
Supergroup F Wolbachia In Terrestrial Isopods Horizontal Transmission From Termites 2021
PDF – 2,2 MB 222 downloads
Surface Characteristics Of Isopod Digestive Gland Epithelium Studied By SEM 2010
PDF – 526,4 KB 221 downloads
Surprisingly High Genetic Divergence Of The Mitochondrial DNA Barcode Fragment COI Within Central European Woodlice Species Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2022
PDF – 3,0 MB 221 downloads
Targeted Genome Enrichment For Efficient Purification Of Endosymbiont DNA From Host DNA 2013
PDF – 262,9 KB 224 downloads
Temporal Patterns In The Activity Density And Sex Ratio Of Isopods Oniscidea Isopoda Along An Urbanization Gradient In Denmark 2018
PDF – 1,3 MB 230 downloads
Terrestrial Isopod Community As Indicator Of Succession In A Peat Bog 2012
PDF – 1,4 MB 193 downloads
Terrestrial Isopods Oniscidea Of The White Carpathians Czech Republic And Slovakia 2018
PDF – 1,1 MB 223 downloads
Terrestrial Isopods As Model Organisms In Soil Ecotoxicology A Review 2018
PDF – 755,5 KB 205 downloads
Terrestrial Isopods Associated With Shallow Underground Of Forested Scree Slopes In The Western Carpathians Slovakia 2018
PDF – 457,6 KB 195 downloads
The Diversity Of Terrestrial Isopods In The Natural Reserve Saline Di Trapani E Paceco Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea In Northwestern Sicily 2012
PDF – 1,4 MB 222 downloads
The Absorption Of Water By Woodlice 1954
PDF – 337,5 KB 195 downloads
The First Records Of Stenobermuda Schultz 1982 And Tenupedunculus Schultz 1979 From Australia With Description Of Two New Species From The Great Barrier Reef Isopoda Asellota Stenetriidae 2018
PDF – 3,3 MB 225 downloads