Literatuur over isopods - 63

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Underwater Field Guide To Ross Island Mc Murdo Sound Antarctica Volume 5 Arthropoda 2022
PDF – 11,9 MB 145 downloads
A Check List Of Terrestrial Isopods From Africa South Of The Sahara 2013
PDF – 4,9 MB 155 downloads
Alloniscus Cf Pallidulus
PDF – 141,6 KB 143 downloads
Armadillidium Esterelanum Dollfus 1887 Et Stenophiloscia Glarearum Verhoeff 1908 Dans Le Departement Des Bouches Du Rhone Crustacea Isopoda Armadillidiidae Et Halophilosciidae 2021
PDF – 2,8 MB 151 downloads
Armadillidium Nahumi N Sp Crustacea Oniscidea Armadillidiidae A New Terrestrial Isopod From Catalan Pre Pyrenees Iberian Peninsula 2021
PDF – 998,9 KB 142 downloads
Contribucion Al Conocimiento De Los Isopodos Terrestres De Guinea Ecuatorial 2022
PDF – 2,9 MB 148 downloads
Description And Ontogeny Of A 40 Million Year Old Parasitic Isopodan Crustacean Parvucymoides Dvorakorum Gen Et Sp Nov 2021
PDF – 10,0 MB 144 downloads
Four Species Of Alloniscus From The West Coast Of North America And Hawaii 1984
PDF – 6,7 MB 166 downloads
Habitat Associations And Impacts On A Juvenile Fish Host By A Temperate Gnathiid Isopod 2021
PDF – 2,2 MB 164 downloads
Infestation And Effect Of Parasitic Isopod Epipenaeon Ingens Ingens Nobili 1906 On Commercial Shrimp Species In The Eastern Mediterranean A Case Study Of The Population Of Brown Shrimp Penaeus Aztecus 2021
PDF – 308,7 KB 159 downloads
Low Transcriptomic Plasticity Of Antarctic Giant Isopod Glyptonotus Antarcticus Juveniles Exposed To Acute Thermal Stress 2021
PDF – 3,0 MB 150 downloads
New Host Findings Of Two Parasitic Isopods Flabellifera Cymothoidae Found On Some Fish Caught In The Dardanelles Strait Canakkale Turkey 2022
PDF – 1,2 MB 145 downloads
New Species And First Record Of Alloniscus Dana 1854 Isopoda Oniscidae Alloniscidae From Brazil 2018
PDF – 1,0 MB 152 downloads
On The Fauna Of Woodlice Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea Of Sarykum Cluster Of Dagestan Nature Reserve Russia 2021
PDF – 371,0 KB 134 downloads
Simultaneous Double Parasitism By The Parasitic Cymothoids Crustacea Isopoda Of Two Genera On A Single Host Fish Tenualosa Toli From India 2022
PDF – 2,0 MB 132 downloads
Recent Speciation And Hybridization In Icelandic Deep Sea Isopods An Integrative Approach Using Genomics And Proteomics 2022
PDF – 2,0 MB 151 downloads
The Mechanical Consequences Of The Interplay Of Mineral Distribution And Organic Matrix Orientation In The Claws Of The Sea Slater Ligia Pallasii 2021
PDF – 5,3 MB 141 downloads
Terrestrial Isopoda From The Krakatau Islands South Sumatra And West Java 1990
PDF – 1,0 MB 136 downloads
The Spread Of The Soil Borne Pathogen Fusarium Solani In Stored Potato Can Be Controlled By Terrestrial Woodlice Isopoda Oniscidea 2021
PDF – 4,2 MB 150 downloads
A New Species Of Cterissa Isopoda Cymothoidae Parasitic On Coral Reef Fishes From The Ryukyu Islands Of Japan 2021
PDF – 493,8 KB 149 downloads
A New Species Of The Genus Mongoloniscus Verhoeff 1930 Crustacea Isopoda Agnaridae From China 2021
PDF – 3,6 MB 142 downloads
Balluhoo Isopod 2021
PDF – 55,0 KB 147 downloads
Attachment Movement And Survival Of Micromale Anilocra Chromis On Adult And Juvenile Brown Chromis 2021
PDF – 71,6 KB 153 downloads
Biogeography And Host Specificity Of Nine Species Of Anilorca Parasitic Isopods Of Caribbean Coral Reef Fishes 2021
PDF – 60,5 KB 138 downloads
Building On 150 Years Of Knowledge The Freshwater Isopod Asellus Aquaticus As An Integrative Eco Evolutionary Model System 2021
PDF – 4,9 MB 134 downloads