Literatuur over isopods - 73

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Fish Parasitic Gnathiid Isopods Metamorphose Following Invertebrate Derived Meal 2019
PDF – 236,7 KB 40 downloads
Gnathia Bermudensis A New Species From The Mesophotic Reefs Of Bermuda With A Key To Gnathia From The Greater Caribbean Biogeographic Region 2019
PDF – 3,8 MB 39 downloads
Habitat Utilization And Seasonal Occurrence Of Tachaea Chinensis Isopoda Corallanidae Infesting Freshwater Shrimps In Lake Biwa Central Japan 2019
PDF – 937,9 KB 32 downloads
Infestation Of Bopyrid Isopod Parasite Bopyridae On Coral Banded Boxing Shrimp Stenopus Hispidus Olivier 1811 Stenopodidae In The Lakshadweep Archipelago 2019
PDF – 692,2 KB 37 downloads
Norileca Indica Infects Rastrelliger Kanagurta Along The Malabar Coast Of India Seasonal Variation In The Prevalence And Aspects Of Host Parasite Interactions 2019
PDF – 3,3 MB 36 downloads
Linfestation De Douze Especes De Sparidae Par Le Parasite Gnathia Sp Dans Le Littoral Est Algerien 2019
PDF – 587,7 KB 40 downloads
Redescription And Neotype Designation For The Poorly Known Fish Parasitic Cymothoid Joryma Brachysoma Pillai 1964 Crustacea Isopoda From India 2019
PDF – 2,1 MB 48 downloads
Reproductive System In The Male Phase Of A Parasitic Isopod Crustacea Morphological Histological And Ultrastructural Evidence For Sequential Protandrous Hermaphroditic Changes 2019
PDF – 5,3 MB 41 downloads
Variacion Intraespecifica En El Isopodo Terrestre Porcellio Dilatatus Brandt 1833 Crustacea Isopoda Porcellionidae 2019
PDF – 840,4 KB 29 downloads
Systematic List Of Isopod Fauna Recorded From India 2019
PDF – 134,5 KB 28 downloads
Two New Records Of Bopyridae Crustacea Isopoda Infesting Brachyuran Crabs From Japan 2019
PDF – 1,5 MB 34 downloads
Xiphoarcturus A New Genus And Two New Species Of The Family Antarcturidae From The Mar Del Plata Submarine Canyon And Its Phylogenetic Relationships 2019
PDF – 5,5 MB 30 downloads
A New Species Of Alpioniscus Illyrionethes From The Dinaric Karst Isopoda Oniscidea Trichoniscidae 2019
PDF – 2,4 MB 42 downloads
Bateman Gradients And Alternative Mating Strategies In A Marine Isopod 2019
PDF – 459,2 KB 42 downloads
Estimates Of Mortality In Sandy Beach Populations Of Haustorioides Japonicus Amphipoda Crustacea And Excirolana Chiltoni Isopoda Crustacea During Winter Storm Seasons 2019
PDF – 1,4 MB 42 downloads
First Report Of A Fish Parasitic Isopod Attacking A Human 2019
PDF – 141,8 KB 41 downloads
Mass Drives Mating Success In Armadillidium Vulgare Crustacea Oniscidea 2019
PDF – 964,0 KB 44 downloads
Los Isopodos Terrestres De Galicia Espana Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2019
PDF – 856,8 KB 31 downloads
On The Geographic Distribution Of The Uncommon Iberian Endemic Armadillidium Mateui Vandel 1953 Crustacea Isopoda Armadillidiidae 2019
PDF – 821,9 KB 35 downloads
New Records Of Two Species Of Parasitic Isopods Associated With Hermit Crabs From The South Atlantic 2019
PDF – 1,9 MB 42 downloads
The Ecological Significance Of Parasitic Crustaceans 2019
PDF – 13,6 MB 33 downloads
A New Species Of Lucasius Isopoda Oniscidea Porcellionidae From Southern Spain With Remarks On Lucasius Myrmecophilus 2019
PDF – 5,4 MB 35 downloads
A New Species Of Isopod Of The Genus Curassanthura Cymothoida Anthuroidea Leptanthuridae From Anchialine Caves Of The Yucatan Peninsula Mexico 2019
PDF – 4,1 MB 35 downloads
A Propos De Quelques Arthropodes Dermaptera Isopoda Geophilomorpha Decouverts Sur La Plage De Lafitenia A Saint Jean De Luz Pyrenees Atlantiques France 2019
PDF – 502,0 KB 25 downloads