Literatuur over isopods - 61

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A New Report Of Unusual Parasitism Of Asotana Formosa On Serrasalmus Rhombeus In The Upper Amazon River Basin 2022
PDF – 273,0 KB 164 downloads
Armadillidium Arcangelii Strouhal 1929 Isopoda Oniscidea A Step Towards The Conquest Of Europe 2022
PDF – 960,7 KB 162 downloads
An All Inclusive Approach A Universal Protocol For The Successful Amplification Of Four Genetic Loci Of All Onscidea 2022
PDF – 364,5 KB 161 downloads
Antipredatory Strategies Of Terrestrial Isopods 2022
PDF – 4,7 MB 157 downloads
Armadillidium Bifidus N Sp Un Nuevo Isopodo Terrestre De La Region De Murcia Espana Oniscidea Armadillidiidae Armadillidiinae 2022
PDF – 316,4 KB 165 downloads
Avoidance Behaviour Toxicity Tests Should Account For Animal Gregariousness A Case Study On The Terrestrial Isopod Porcellio Scaber 2020
PDF – 618,4 KB 168 downloads
Biodiversity And Distribution Of Isopoda And Polychaeta Along The Northwest Pacific And The Arctic Ocean 2022
PDF – 3,0 MB 165 downloads
Bottled Canned Anthropogenic Debris As An Understudied Ecological Trap For Small Animals 2022
PDF – 1,3 MB 154 downloads
Buchnerillo Atlanticus Sp Nov A New Halophilic Woodlouse Isopoda Oniscidea Incertae Sedis From The Atlantic Coast Of The Iberian Peninsula With Ecological Remarks 2022
PDF – 5,7 MB 155 downloads
Bug Cemetery A Case Study Of Terrestrial Isopod Distribution On A Brick Wall In The Czech Republic 2022
PDF – 1,4 MB 174 downloads
Catalogue Of Terrestrial Isopods Isopoda Oniscidea From Peru With New Records Of Circoniscus Ornatus Scleropactidae And Ethelum Americanum Eubelidae 2022
PDF – 7,8 MB 160 downloads
Chaetarcturus Cervicornis Sp N A New Ross Sea Isopod Of The Genus Chaetarcturus Brandt 1990 Crustacea Malacostraca 2022
PDF – 7,8 MB 169 downloads
Consideration S Regarding Hyloniscus Inflatus A Rare Species Of Hyloniscus From Romania 2022
PDF – 1,2 MB 165 downloads
Contribution A Letude Des Spelaeonethini Isopoda Oniscidea Trichoniscidae 2022
PDF – 642,9 KB 150 downloads
Correct Species Identification And Its Implications For Conservation Using Haploniscidae Crustacea Isopoda In Icelandic Waters As A Proxy 2022
PDF – 5,6 MB 162 downloads
Crab Infesting Bopyrid Isopods In The Philippines 2022
PDF – 90,5 KB 171 downloads
Daily And Seasonal Time Partitioning In Surface Activity Of Porcellio Albinus Isopoda Oniscidea In The Arid Region Of Zarat Gabes Tunisia 2022
PDF – 551,7 KB 172 downloads
Die Evertebrate Fauna Des Varus Tunnels Bei Tholey 2022
PDF – 982,0 KB 162 downloads
Diversification Within An Oceanic Mediterranean Island Insights From A Terrestrial Isopod 2022
PDF – 5,4 MB 162 downloads
El Genero Alloschizidium Verhoeff 1919 En La Peninsula Iberica Con La Descripcion De Dos Nuevas Especies Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea 2022
PDF – 685,9 KB 167 downloads
First Record Of A Praniza Larva Of The Family Gnathiidae Crustacea Isopoda Living On Chromogobius Zebratus Pisces Gobiidae In The Eastern Mediterranean Sea 2022
PDF – 743,9 KB 148 downloads
First Record Of The Terrestrial Isopod Porcellionides Cingendus Kinahan 1857 From Belgium Isopoda Porcellionidae 2022
PDF – 6,6 MB 144 downloads
Formation And Remodelling Of Septate Junctions In The Epidermis Of Isopod Porcellio Scaber During Development 2022
PDF – 5,8 MB 181 downloads
Four Terrestrial Isopod Species Isopoda Oniscidea New For Lithuanian Fauna And Data On Distribution Of Another Seven Species 2014
PDF – 253,8 KB 161 downloads
Grazing Effects Of Soil Fauna On White Rot Fungi Biomass Enzyme Production And Litter Decomposition Ability 2022
PDF – 5,0 MB 170 downloads

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